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Brick Chimney and Fireplace Repairs

man on the scaffolding is putting cement on the bricks to stick in

Fireplaces can bring a lot of comfort and class to a property throughout the year, but this type of brick masonry can be a real nuisance if it suffers from some kind of structural fault – and you’ll need to take decisive action if this happens at your property. Burleson Brick Repair is the team that you need to place your trust in, as we have an extensive track record that demonstrates we’re capable of resolving any repair issues your brick fireplace or chimney is experiencing. Reach out to us without delay to make sure that your property doesn’t suffer from any further unnecessary problems – naturally, if you’re still weighing things up, you can read on below for more information.

Pay Attention to the Signs

The fact of the matter is, when it comes to your fireplace and your chimney, you can’t always tell what’s going on easily. Many parts of these structures are hidden from our view or are highly inaccessible, so you need to pay attention to the small signs that there might be an issue to compensate. At our company, we deliver inspections as part of our service provisions, ensuring that if any structural faults are lurking on your property, we’ll find them. Regular inspections over the years really are a must if you care about the condition of your property.

Picking a Pro

There are many problems that might need to be addressed if your chimney or fireplace is in a state of disrepair, and our masonry contractors are equipped to handle all of them. This facet of brick repair is fairly specialized, so it pays to have experienced brick masons on hand who’ve seen and dealt with every kind of problem before. If things do go wrong without any intervention, or during the repair process, there could be damage to the rest of your property – so this really isn’t the time to pay for an amateur operation.

Common Problems

So, what are some of the typical problems that can plague brick chimneys and fireplaces? A common situation that we see is the infiltration of water into the structure, usually as a result of some kind of existing deterioration, and this can have a profound impact on the structural integrity of the entire installation. There are many concerns related to the firebox, although water infiltration and cracking are the standout issues. Cracked crowns and general deterioration are typical problems for the main chimney structure, and obviously require immediate intervention.

Safety First

Fireplaces and chimneys are both great parts of your property that you’re surely fond of – so giving them the proper care shouldn’t be a debate. Chimneys, in particular, are vulnerable due to the fact that they tend to be self-supporting, and if they end up imbalanced damage to the rest of the property seems inevitable. By having a professional come in to carry out repairs, you’re protecting yourself and your family from harm in the future. Of course, not risking trying to make fixes yourself also means you’re safeguarding your own personal wellbeing – and we’re more than happy to take on the associated risks for you.

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