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Archway Restoration

finely crafted bricks of an walkway tunnel archway

If you have a brick archway at your property, you’re very lucky – these wonderful structural features provide a lot of elegance and class to any property. With that said, they can suffer from some structural concerns which will need addressing if you want them to remain attractive and functional. If you have a brick archway that dates back decades, then you probably fall into one of the following two categories – people with a cracked brick archway or people who will soon have a cracked archway. Burleson Brick Repair has the professional brick masons on hand who are able to take care of any problem your archway is experiencing. We’ll get it back to full health, so you can move onto dealing with other tasks and commitments. If you are grappling with such a situation, read on below, or get on the phone to our customer service team.

Types of Archways

There are many different types of brick archways, and while construction procedures tend to be quite similar regardless of the type, it’s worth noting the differences – especially if some kind of restoration or repair process is necessary. Semicircular archways are a common sight, but segmental archways are perhaps even more typical for buildings across this area – and we’re prepared to handle either of them. Of course, there are certainly more varieties out there, and if you have any of those we’re sure we’ll be equipped to handle them.

Inspections and Evaluations

If you have a brick archway, there’s a good chance that you’ll notice if there are any problems emerging. If you’re not confident in your own personal assessment of the archway, you can employ our masonry contractors to come and inspect the brickwork to see if some kind of intervention is necessary. For example, some signs that there could be an issue are actually just superficial, and while that doesn’t rule out a repair, it does mean it’s not absolutely needed. We’ll give you all the necessary information so you can make an informed decision.

The Issues

There are only a few issues that you’re probably going to have to worry about with brick archways, but getting them resolved is certainly of the utmost importance. Cracks are typical of older brick archways, and loose bricks or deteriorating mortar are other concerns which we deal with on a regular basis. If you have any of these problems, the wider structural integrity of your archway could be under threat – so make sure you don’t allow these problems to linger for a long time.

Restoration Procedures

Restoring a brick archway isn’t a straightforward job for a rookie team, but our veterans are more than capable of handling the work. We might have to change the shape or dimensions of the archway, or reinforce the structure in areas to compensate for the original design failures. Of course, if the archway is doomed to deteriorate, we can safely take it down and build you a new structure to replace it. Naturally, we’ll make sure you have all the options in front of you before making a decision.

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